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Those Mysterious Misconceptions

January 13, 2012

Have you ever tried to convey a thought or an experience with someone, and you can tell that they did not comprehend what you said? You know, because they responded with a conclusion or assumption that had little to do with what you communicated.  Have you ever wondered how it happens? Until now I’ve only considered these instances had something to do with inexperience, poor listening, disinterest, rudeness, manipulation, or other such things.

Listening to a Terence McKenna talk, (The Tree of Knowledge) and he tells how it is that the ego sometimes communicates in a manner that goes like this:

I have a thought, I look into a culturally sanctioned dictionary which I have copied into my head, I translate the thought into an acoustical signal using my mouth. Which moves across space which answers your ears. You rush to your interior dictionary and you construct my meaning out of your dictionary. Now notice this process of communication rests on a shaky assumption; it rests on the assumption that your dictionary and my dictionary were published by the same folks in the same year. If your dictionary is different than my dictionary you will not correctly construct my meaning and we will have what we call misunderstanding.

It’s the most bring down thing, because you realize the communication is very provisional. The amount of noise in the the circuit is huge.

BONUS: Most people think that telepathy is seeing what another person is thinking, it’s not. Telepathy is the ability to see the meaning of what another person says, it’s a unifying language. That’s what a telepath is.

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